Feed The Needy

Hi all;
We will have an opportunity to serve and support our local Christian brothers and sisters at the end of this month.
We will feed Chili, pray end enjoy the fellowship of serving. We will provide coats to those who are “underdressed”. We will support the various Christian ministries working with those who attend.
On Friday we will meet at the Garner Church of Christ and prepare Chili for Saturday Lunch by Moore Square in Raleigh.  We prepare the main course, we will freeze some of the Chili for distribution among the needy in the Garner congregation.  We will then meet on Saturday morning a warm up the food, slice bread, organize and head out to Moore Square by 11:30. 
We need help on the following items.
1.      Make Chili and prepare for Saturday -                                 Friday January 30th 6:00-8:00 PM
2.      Heat Chili, prep bread and desserts, ready utensils -         Saturday 31st at 9:30  AM
3.      Pack up the Truck and head out to Moore Square-            Saturday 11:15-11:30 AM
4.      Set up and feed the needy at Moore square -                     Saturday 12:00-1:00   PM
5.      Garner Kitchen Clean-up  -                                                       Saturday 11:30-12:00  PM
6.      Prayer partners, hand out coats                                              Saturday 12:00-1:00   PM
If you would like to make Frozen Chili to be used by those in need in Garner please do so.  The Chili can be put in freezer bags labeled and dated and put in one of the freezers in the Kitchen area.     
If you have any questions please call Don Bogumil at 919-757-5774, or contact me at pebsbog_2000@yahoo.com.   
Please respond so we can plan accordingly.
Please pray that we represent the Lord well. God bless, Don

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at 919-757-5774,
God bless
Don Bogumil